Should I Hope For The Best, Or Cut My Losses?

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I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years. He is great but he travels from weeks to months at a time for his job. When he leaves, our relationship always takes a negative twist where we lose communication and fight, leaving me at home lonely and depressed. Although I think that he could be "the one," and he makes pretty decent money, how much time away is too much to have a good relationship? If I can't handle it now, will I be able to deal with it in the future when or if we have kids? He will miss holidays and birthdays and have no set schedule. How important should a job be to the future success of a relationship? I need a partner who will be there for me, physically and emotionally. Should I hope for the best, or cut my losses? 

—Want It All


Dear Want It All,

The hysterically funny movie “Mom’s Night Out” will give you a true glimpse of motherhood’s demands. You’ll watch a mother’s stress over her husband’s travels, but you’ll also learn that a mom’s striving for perfection is what will do her in.

Girlfriend, you have a “great” guy who’s financially rewarded for his extensive travel. Creating arguments to manipulate his staying home is no path to love. Only a self-assured woman could be with a traveling spouse, and perhaps you need someone regularly by your side! Sister, if that’s the case, find a better match. 

—Dr. Gilda

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