Why Won't My Boyfriend Invite Me to His Home?

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 I have been dating my boyfriend for five months. We met online, and he lives in another town. We see each other occasionally during the week, or on weekends. It’s been five months, and I have yet to be invited to his place, although he has come to mine. He has also been reluctant about meeting my family. Should I be concerned? I have talked about it with him, but have never received a valid response

 —Let’s Get On With It!


Dear Let’s,

Girlfriend, apparently, dude is fine with this arrangement. As my Gilda-Gram™ warns, “Talk informs, but behavior reveals.” He hasn’t invited you to his place because he doesn’t want you to know any more about him than you already do. And he hasn’t responded to your whining to get closer because he doesn’t want to even address it. Drop the title “boyfriend,” since this guy you barely know likes the superficiality of whatever it is you share.

You can either wait it out until — and if — he ever comes around, or date other men. For all you know, he’s wildly on the move at his locale. One thing is certain, however: The more you push, the more he’ll pull.

 —Dr. Gilda

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