Who’s Got Your Back? by Dr. Gilda Carle

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The expression, “I’ve got your back” means “I’m looking out for you” and “I’ve got you covered, in case anyone badmouths you.”  The meaning of this expression is the same as “I’ve got your 6,” which comes from the military.  The “6” reflects the hour on a clock, with 12 o’clock in front of you, and 6 o’clock behind you.  Have the guys you liked had your 6??

In November 2015, Charlie Sheen announced he had tested positive for HIV four years earlier.  HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  Sheen’s disclosure came years after he had bragged about all the drugs he had taken, and the 5,000 women he had bedded.   He also shockingly admitted he had sex without a condom after his diagnosis.  Then, it was reported that he was caught on video smoking crack and performing oral sex on another man in 2011, the same year he was diagnosed with HIV.

Question to you, my reader:  Did Charlie Sheen have the backs of the women he might have infected with this deadly virus?

As soon as she found out that Charlie Sheen had HIV, Jenny McCarthy blasted him.  She had played his love interest several times on “Two and a Half Men,” from 2007 to 2011.  She revealed she had to sign on-set releases about her having herpes cold sores, which could be contagious—but not deadly.  So how was it okay, she wondered, for Sheen not to disclose his infection with HIV?  Many other women had also played his love interest on the TV show.

Jenny McCarthy continued that before she married Donnie Wahlberg, when she was single and wanted to have sex with a guy, she insisted that he get an HIV test.  She said, “There is nothing I want to do dumb enough to get any type of disease.  I have to live forever for my (autistic) kid.  So I wouldn’t sleep with anyone until I got the right paperwork.”

McCarthy called what Sheen had concealed as “not fair and scary.”  Other women with whom he had sex called it worse than that.

Charlie Sheen was reckless.  And his sex partners were so numerous, who knows what the ramifications will eventually be?  Was the thrill of having sex with a famous actor more important to these women than protecting themselves from a deadly disease?  Apparently, it was—and it’s too bad, because Sheen surely didn’t have these women’s best interests—or their backs—when he bedded them.  Even after the news of Sheen’s HIV status broke, he told a tabloid, “I should have been more responsible, and more concerned for myself [before he contracted the disease].”  Note his concern for himself only!

Does the guy of your dreams inconvenience himself to make you happy?  Does he defend you from mean people?  Has he got your 6?  Guys who “have your back,” or guys who “have your 6,” are guys who really and truly CARE.  When a guy doesn’t protect and defend his girlfriend, that girl becomes deeply hurt.  Until now, did you even consider the necessity for a guy to cover your 6?

Some celebrities have.  Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Heidi Klum, Kate Gosselin, Amy Winehouse, and Scarlett Johansson were romantically linked to their bodyguards.  These guys won the stars’ trust by spending much time with them to provide their safety.  It’s also the reason the 1992 movie, The Bodyguard, with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner was such a hit.  Even if a woman doesn’t voice this, every single one of us wants to know our guy will protect us from possible harm.

The only problem is  . . .

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