Sugar Daddy Wanting Girlfriend

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I am a 46-year-old man with two children. I caught my last girlfriend of 7 months cheating. She appeared to be happy as a part of my ready-made family, but in the end, I guess she needed something different. She is 17 years my junior, and like a lot of women, she says she likes men my age. It is good for my ego to date younger women, but I’m concerned about our future. Why do younger women prefer older men with kids?

— Sugar Daddy Wanting Girlfriend

Dear Sugar Daddy,

Anthropologically, men want “honey” to breed beautiful offspring, and women want “money” to sustain the progeny. Older guys with kids are presumably established and can support their younger mates. But soon they complain their nubile nymphs seek only their resources, while the sirens tire of father figures too sedentary for their wild hearts.

You admit, “It is good for my ego to date younger women.” Duh, daddy! Do you want arm candy or love? You worry, “I’m concerned about our future.” You should be! My Gilda-Gram asserts, “To sustain love, park your ego and reveal your truth.” Dude, if you don’t end the affect, each new babe will continue to flee that boring bassinet you share.

—Dr. Gilda

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