Are Men Turned Off Because I'm ‘Curvy’?

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I am a curvy girl, size 12. My online dating profile says I'm curvy, and my pictures show that. I am active and I have big boobs and big hips. I'm not fat, but I'm not skinny or slender or average. I find that the men I meet don't know what they want. In fact, they've been very rude to me, some actually telling me to lose weight. Will I ever be able to find love?

—Curvy Girl Needs Love


Dear Curvy,

Visualize “curvy” as a gorgeous woman such as Ashley Graham, Queen Latifah, or someone else. While this word apparently elicits “fat” for some men, describe your body type to males using one of these women’s names.

When I was in college, I gained—then lost—20 pounds. Two years later, I bumped into a guy I had dated earlier, who said my body had become much too thin! So, girlfriend, thin is not appealing to all men. Today, the dress size of the average American woman is 14—which actually makes you underweight by such standards! It’s all in your packaging. Think of yourself as beautiful, and you’ll project yourself as beautiful—and attract a man who finds your curves delicious.

 —Dr. Gilda

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