Help! I Haven't Dated in 5 Years

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This is so embarrassing! My divorce was in 2013, and life got in the way of me building a relationship. I've never had a date since then. I don’t want to live alone, but I feel I have been out of the game for too long to jump back in. Help! 

—Old Dog Needing New Tricks


Dear Old Dog,

What’s so embarrassing about taking a break from love? What’s so shameful about attending to life’s demands?

Girl, let’s change your sign-off to “Sleeping Beauty.” Your slumber lasted only 5 years, while the princess in the fairy tale slept for a century! Her story teaches that it’s never too late to find a patient prince. My book cautions, “Don’t Bet on the Prince!” to whom you surrender your soul, but definitely, still seek one to love. Your hiatus gave you time for interior design, and now you’re romance-ready.

Mingle! The one who cares the least has the power, so flaunt your wares without a care. This is your first shell-hatching exercise. It will scare you a little—but excite you a lot. All you need do is reflect that excitement, and you’ll be a magnet for suitors.

—Dr. Gilda

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