Is My Husband Too Close To His Ex?

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My husband and his ex-wife have a wildly inappropriate relationship throughout our courtship and marriage. They used to travel together, staying in the same hotel room with their teen kids while he and I were dating. His ex-wife is still in love with him and refuses to acknowledge our marriage. After six years together, I was never allowed to attend any family function until his son's recent college graduation, which I insisted on attending. When she’s in the same room with me, my husband’s ex cries and runs out. Yet he continues spending time with her "for the children" who are grown and living in other states. He says that denying her requests would be cruel, as he “tries to help her and the kids adjust to our marriage.” He does not seem to care if this hurts me. Otherwise, he is a very kind and loving husband. He tells me we have to give her time, but I’m enraged each time she calls. My question is, “Would any other woman on the planet put up with this?”


“Only a woman desperate for love would 
accept this kind of DE-rangement.”

Dear Enough!,

The answer to your question is, “Only a woman desperate for love would accept this kind of DE-rangement.” Girl, you’ve had your head up the wrong part of your anatomy for years, and your cranial suppository is finally aching. Hubby is divorced only on paper, and he’s lapping up a ménage a trois—with your blessing. You claim “he is a very kind and loving husband.” What are you smoking?? Wake up, speak up, and pack up if Dude throws more excuses at you! But discover WHY you’re so needy for this cad’s caring. If you can’t figure it out yourself, get counseling. Unless you find your motive, you’ll continue being this guy’s pet on a leash.

 —Dr. Gilda

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