Help! How Do I Make My Ex Love Me Again?

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I love this woman and want a second chance. Less than a month ago, my girlfriend and I ended our relationship. We have been friends since high school and stayed in touch for nine years. Recently, we started dating for six months. I was in a bad state after a seven-year relationship, but this girl was there for me, and helped bring me back to my old self. Even though we were in relationships, we hooked up a few times, and now have a lot of history. When she walked out, she said we moved too fast, and there’s no going back. However, she still texts me asking how I am, or just to chat. I deleted her from my Facebook because it hurt too much to see our pictures. This upset her. I truly believe we are meant for each other, but do you think I should let it go? I'm so confused. I would do anything to show her that I am the man she thought I was.

—Still Longing


Dear Still Longing,

Whoa, what kind of “man” did your girlfriend think you were? When you dated, you were a hot mess in need of rehab. A healthy woman looking for love avoids such catastrophes. But neither of you were healthy; she was cheating on her partner, as you were on yours. She partook in your sexual healing, but whatever her motives, stop interpreting them as “love.” Heed this Gilda-Gram™:

Girlfriend “walked out” after biting from your apple, but is peeved you’ve erased the reminder of her wormy core. Yes, you “should let [this player] go”! Be grateful she got you past your pain, but be thrilled that she left!

—Dr. Gilda

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