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Excerpt #1: (from Introduction)
Love with the right guy can be supportive, entertaining, exciting, and wonderful. But for it to be all those things, you've got to realize that guys aren't all that. When I told my 15-year-old niece the title of my last book, “He’s Not All That!,” she laughed. When I told her the subtitle, “How to Attract the Good Guys," she said, "That's a great subtitle because good guys are so hard to find." (This new book, "Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda" will make finding good guys much easier!)

Excerpt #2: (from Want #1: Loyal Girlfriends)
What follows are real letters from girls in conflict who asked for my advice about their relationship issues. Little did they know that many of their issues with friends can be solved by following the 5 Rules of Friendship:

    1. Don't let guys come between you.
    2. Schedule specific time for your friends.
    3. If a friend backstabs you, confront her in a way she will hear.
    4. If a friend pressures you to do things you're not comfortable with, stand your ground.
    5. Share your friendship issues with your parents.
Excerpt #3: (from Need #2: Understand Guys)
When a girl hooks up with a guy, just like when she hooks up with girlfriends, she should be sure that he enhances the way she already feels about herself. If you have followed the beginning chapters of this book carefully, you know that you must feel good about yourself before you connect with a guy romantically. When a girl feels confident, whenever a guy's surges bring out his fangs, she can go off and do her thing, and if necessary, stand her ground when he tries to dominate her. But remember that you are not his mother or teacher:

Gilda-Gram: Girls don't have to educate guys. They just have to not buy into their nonsense.

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