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Whassup with your relationships? Do your girlfriends disappoint you? Does your boyfriend not make you a priority? Do you have trouble snagging a guy--or THAT guy?

Just as she is on TV, Dr. Gilda Carle has done it again with in-your-face honest advice that will heal all your relationship woes. Based on the thousands of e-mails she receives worldwide, she's written a book that addresses real teen issues. It's called, "Teen Talk With Dr. Gilda: A Girl's Guide to Dating."

Unlike any other book on the market for teens, it includes her famous GILDA-GRAMS (feel-good statements and memorable thoughts), quizzes, and teens' own questions--with Dr. Gilda's special and direct advice.

On this website, you will find excerpts from the book. You can also E-mail Dr. Gilda to get her advice privately. Warning! Enter this site at your own risk. Your relationships will never be the same again!!

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