Don't Bet On The Prince!

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What's a woman to do when one Prince Charming after another turns out to be a frog? Most women mistakenly chase after the fairy tale, and in their desire to be swept away, they fail to cultivate their own gifts.

To succeed in love, women must sharpen their personal power, project it, and attract partners who respect it and reflect it. How a woman treats herself sends the message about how she expects others to treat her. Using real examples, revealing Self-Assessments, her memorable GILDA-GRAMS, and plenty of humor, DR. GILDA demonstrates how to hook, hug, and hold a worthy mate.

Translated into an array of languages, "Don't Bet on the Prince!" has a cult following; it was even a test question on the world's #1 game show, JEOPARDY!

How to Win at Love

Are you in search of a charming prince? Stop searching so hard, and start living a rich and full life-whether a prince is in it or not. If you exude a happy life, others will naturally want to be part of it. That's how we attract friends, and that's how we attract love. The objective is to attract people who can enhance the wonderful life you're already living-so personal life enhancement must be your starting point. Put Dr. Gilda's plan to use, and spell the word W-I-N-N-E-R!

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