Country Cures Heal. Grow. Thrive

DR. GILDA, Country Music Doctor

Dr. Gilda, Country Music Doctor

DR. GILDA CARLE is president of Country Cures®, Inc., a unique educational 501(c)(3) corporation. The company trains youth and adults with shattered lives and relationships to heal, grow, and thrive. The unprecedented curriculum combines country music + motivational messages, and leads audiences from hearing guitar strings to impacting their heart strings. See our success stories at

Let Country Cures® change your life, and the lives of those in your organization.


Created and Written by Dr. Gilda, and
Produced by Roy Yokelson, Antland Productions

1.  What Drives Your Passions?
Martina McBride: "Anyway"

Do you want to achieve EVERYTHING you desire? Tear down the walls of adversity that surround you. Here's how...
2.  Don’t Bet on the Prince!
Taylor Swift: "Love Story"

LOVE the prince, but don’t BET on him for emotional sustenance, rescue, or financial support. Learn why the only person who will never disappoint you is YOU.
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